The World Tonight (version 2)

Promotional film • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Alistair Donald
Timeline This film has been released in 1997
Filming date:
April 1997 ?
Filming location:
Mugello, Italy

Master release

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The World Tonight

Officially appears on Flaming Pie

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The World Tonight (version 1)

1997 • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Geoff Wonfor

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Two videos have been created to promote “The World Tonight“, the second single (in the UK) from the “Flaming Pie” album. The first one was filmed in February 1997.

The second one was filmed a couple of months after, during family holidays in Mugello, Italy. It was directed by Alistair Donald, the soon-to-become-husband of Mary McCartney. It was broadcast for the first time in May 17, 1997.

Two edits have been made. From PAUL MCCARTNEY –MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION 1970-2020 PART 1, by Mike Carrera:

The World Tonight #3 (1997) VERSION 2- EDIT A

Directed by Alistair Donald.
Mastered: Late April,1997. Length: 3:55

This version was created for record company executives around the world as a preview, it was never broadcast. This is the version with the “yellow umbrella” with slight variations.
It uses an alternate mix of the song as audio where Paul can be heard saying during the first guitar chords: “Yeahh Man!” . It is 15 seconds shorter than the final version (EDIT B) and ends when Paul and Linda start kissing and the MPL copyright immediately appears. It is still not available in any official release but it is available on Bootleg DVD.

The World Tonight #4 (1997) VERSION 2- EDIT B

Directed by: Alistair Donald.
Mastered: May 8, 1997. Length: 4:10

It uses the official mix as audio and is 15 seconds longer towards the end: the kiss between Paul and Linda is shown in its entirety until they move away and their shadows are reflected on the yellow umbrella.

Digital Remastering: ‘Flaming Pie Archive Collection’, July 31, 2020. The slate only circulates on Bootleg DVD.

The 2nd promotional video for “Young Boy” was shot during the same holidays, and was also directed by Alistair Donald.

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