“Flaming Pie” previewed for the first time

Wednesday, April 2, 1997
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6 Hamilton Place, Park Lane, London, UK

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From “The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001” by Keith Badman:

The first “playback” of Paul’s new album Flaming Pie, aimed specifically for the retail trade, takes place before a gathering of 20 at 6 Hamilton Place, in Park Lane, London. The unique Flaming Pie press kits, given away to reporters as they enter the building and requested back as they depart, feature a message from Paul. […]

From The Beatles Monthly N°253, May 1997:

A Flaming Pie playback for the retail trade took place on Wednesday 2nd April at 6, Hamilton Place, Park Lane, London. Although catering was apparently laid on “for hundreds”, about 20 people reportedly turned up! However, other reports suggest that rumours had been circulating beforehand suggesting the event had been cancelled, which may explain the poor turnout. Unusually, guests leaving the event were asked to return the press packs they’d been given on arrival!

From the press kit:

I came off the back of The Beatles Anthology with an urge to do some new music. The Anthology was very good for me because it reminded me of The Beatles’ standards and the standards that we reached with the songs. So, in a way, it was a refresher course that set the framework for this album.

It’s pretty much a home-made album. I had time off and wasn’t scheduled to be doing an album but the songs just came to me. I couldn’t stop them. So these songs were written just for fun, not with an album in mind.

But when it did come to recording them, I wanted to do it quick and not get bored by the usual long recording process.

The Anthology reminded me of the time that we didn’t take to make an album and of the fun we had when we did one. The Beatles were not a serious group. So I wanted to try and get back into some of that; to have some fun and not sweat it. That’s been the spirit of making this album, You’ve got to have a laugh, because it’s just an album. So I called up a bunch of friends and family and we just got on and did it. And we had fun making it. Hopefully you’ll hear that in the songs

Paul McCartney
From SellingBeatles.com – An original UK promotional press kit for the 1997 album ‘Flaming Pie’ by Paul McCartney. The kit consists of 1 black and white and 2 colour photographs; a double-sided sheet with the album listing and background; a press release for the album; a ‘McCartney & Wings Discography – Albums’; and a 7-page set of stapled sheets that discuss the background behind each song on the album. The contents are housed in a cream gatefold sleeve bearing the album title, artist and a small image.

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