Find My Way (feat. Beck)

Promotional film • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Andrew Donoho
Timeline This film has been released in 2021
Release date:
Jul 22, 2021

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Find My Way

Officially appears on McCartney III

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2021 • For Paul McCartney

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To promote “McCartney III Imagined“, a music video of “Find My Way” reinterpreted by Beck was produced. The video shows a de-aged Paul McCartney dancing in the hallway of a hotel, transformed into various dream-like environments. At the very end, the young / fake McCartney pulls off his “mask” to reveal he was Beck the whole time. The real Paul McCartney makes a cameo appearance in one of the scenes.

‘Find My Way (feat. Beck)’ has been #ThreeImagined as a psychedelic visual trip that blurs the boundaries of time, space — and even identity

From Facebook

From YouTube:

Director: Andrew Donoho
Creative Director: Byron Atienza
Choreographer: Phil Tayag
Producer: Ian Blair
Video Co-Produced by Hyperreal Digital

From Animation World Network (, July 22, 2021:

Co-produced by Hyperreal Digital, the short features a young McCartney getting his funky groove on, a psychedelic visual trip that blurs the boundaries of time, space – even identity.

Hyperreal Digital specializes in developing fully 3D digital emotional likeness avatars, called HyperModels, that can perform on any platform or screen. The studio works with A-list talent and brands with a digital asset that enables them to maximize their value in the world of virtual appearances and virtual commerce. Speaking about the McCartney project, Hyperreal’s CEO Remington Scott said, “The technology to de-age talent and have them perform in creative environments like this is now fully-realized, even with one of the most recognized faces in the world.”

Directed by Andrew Donoho (Janelle Monae, The Strokes, Khalid) and choreographed by Phil Tayag (Bruno Mars, Jabbawockeez), “Find My Way (feat. Beck)” was unveiled to the world today via a global broadcast premiere on MTV Live, MTVU and across MTV’s worldwide network of channels, as well as on the ViacomCBS Times Square billboard in New York. […]

According to Scott, “Key to our work is creating a timeless digital version of talent, and for Paul McCartney, our goal was to accurately de-age him. Towards this, goal Hyperreal co-produced Paul’s ‘Find My Way’ music video to explore the concept of using both a high-fidelity 3D digital HyperModel as well as AI GAN. On the GAN production, Hyperreal is proud to have worked with the extraordinary talent of Shamook, who took on the GAN challenges. In parallel, Hyperreal’s Advanced Technology Group scanned Paul McCartney in Los Angeles using an array of high-speed cameras to reconstruct 4D facial performances. Skulley FX tracked the head for 3D head replacement, rendering and compositing. Sunset Edit came on for finishing.” […]

From Miguel Carrera | Facebook – Paul on the set of his new video ′′ Find My Way (Featuring Beck) ′′ from Imagined III, to clear doubts that it was all digital effects.

Last updated on August 12, 2021


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