Interview for Linda McCartney Foods • Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Interview for Linda McCartney Foods

Interview of Paul McCartney

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From Linda McCartney Foods on Instagram:

We joined our founder @PaulMcCartney for a chat in his garden. Luckily the sun came out just long enough to discover his GYO roots run deep! ☀️🌱 And you, when did you start growing your own?

Why should more people consider growing their own?

I think during Covid a lot of people have got into it anyway, automatically. But when I was a kid, a lot of people around our council estate, which was a pretty poor estate, had allotments. I used to love to go along to those allotments, and the guys would have a little garden shed in there, and it was an escape, it was like a little paradise. So, I think the Grow Your Own thing is the modern equivalent of that. It means that we’ll be able to encourage people to come to the Grow Your Own gardens, and will be able to grow their own good. So they grow vegetables and there’s nothing like picking fresh vegetables, taking it home and eat it, like an hour later, you know. It’s just a very satisfying thing to do.

What would Linda have thought of the allotments?

I know Linda would have loved it, because we did a little bit of the Grow Your Own when we were in Scotland, right after The Beatles had broken up and we went up there to escape all the craziness.

What was the first vegetable you grew successfully?

I think the first one was potatoes, because there’s not greater joy, particularly if you’re with kids, of going down, and scrabbling in the dirt and seeing there ‘wow, there’s this stuff’ and ‘wow, potatoes’. And the kids love it, it’s like finding gold coins or something.


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