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In Isolation With Paul McCartney

Interview of Paul McCartney
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Ed O'Brien
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Album This interview has been made to promote the McCartney III Imagined Streaming.

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If you’re sleeping in the same bed as someone, you’re gonna get to know them quite well

They only had one guest room, so that was our room. I have very fond memories, because we’d be chatting. We’d be talking about music. We brought a guitar, so we were always playing.

I had a dream about my mother, who had died when I was probably about 10. I was a bit shocked… because here I was in the same room with this woman I love, and she said to me ‘don’t worry, it’s gonna be okay.’ She said, ‘Just let it be,’ and I woke up. It’s really magical.

What an amazing song. Music and magic are five letters and two letters different.

I’ve been to some parties where it’s mainly club music and a bunch of young people… and then suddenly they’ll put on ‘Twist & Shout,’ but it works. It’s a good dance song.

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