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McCartney III Imagined (Exclusive Pink 2LP)

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Release date:
Jul 23, 2021
Capitol Records

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From McCartney III Imagined – Limited Edition Exclusive Pink 2LP – Paul McCartney Official Store:

Exclusive Paul McCartney online store cover design
Cover Art and Typography by Ed Ruscha
Gatefold featuring photography by Mary McCartney, Sonny McCartney, and Paul McCartney (it’s still a family affair!)
2 disc 140g pink vinyl
Printed insert

Limited edition of 2500 available in the US.
Limited to 4 units per fan. Only ships within the US.

This pink version was also available in Europe, but it is not known the number of units made.

Last updated on April 3, 2021


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Eric Wijnsouw 1 months ago

The pink version is also available outside the US

The PaulMcCartney Project 8 days ago

Thanks Eric, I'm adding a comment about that !