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Deep Deep Feeling

Written by Paul McCartney

Album This song officially appears on the McCartney III Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 2020

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Recording "McCartney III"

April - June 2020 ?

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Song facts

Deep Deep Feeling” is a track from 2020 album “McCartney III“.

One of my favourite songs on the album is the midway point of ‘Deep Deep Feeling’, which is over eight minutes long. If people are expecting your lockdown album to feel like lockdown, that’s the track that feels the most claustrophobic to me, despite it being essentially about love.

That was one of the songs that I’d actually started last year. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a bit of time when I’ll go into the studio and just make something up, and so I try to just do something that I haven’t done before. This was one of those that I didn’t finish. To me, what it was about was, sometimes – I don’t how it happens of even what it is – when you’re feeling real love towards someone, sometimes it can manifest in a tingling over your whole body, and it’s a pretty funny feeling, and you almost don’t like it – ‘What the hell is this?!’ – like you’re about to be beamed up into a spaceship or something. On this song I was fascinated with the idea of that – that deep, deep feeling when you love someone so much it almost hurts. That was the start of that, but after I made it I thought, well, this isn’t for anything. It’s certainly not a three-minute single. What became nice about working in the studio was that in the evening Mary would be cooking, because she loves to cook, and we’d be sitting around before dinner, and she’d say, “Well, what did you do today then?” and I’d go, “Oh, ok, I’ll play it for you.” And I always wanted it to keep going. I just wanted it to go on forever. It’s a bit indulgent, and I was a little bit worried about that – I thought I really needed to cut it down, but just before I did that I just listened to it, and I thought, “Y’know what, I love this, I’m not going to touch it.”

Paul McCartney – from an interview with Stuart Stubbs, from Loud And Quiet magazine, October 2020

The editing work on “Deep Deep Feeling” – the cuts and sound textures – is incredible. Do you see this as a continuation of the experimental aspect of your career that began in the ’60s?

Yes, it is part of a thread for me. Round about the time, The Beatles were known for being ‘The Beatles’ – if you know what I mean. We were able to sidestep that with Sgt Pepper, which was very liberating. The McCartney records have always been very liberating. If you dare to experiment a little bit, it’s good for you. I’ve always loved that.

Paul McCartney, in UNCUT interview, January 2021

The craziest song [on the album] is “Deep Deep Feeling”. It goes on and on and on! There are millions of little changes in it. At one point, I thought I needed to edit it because it’s about eight minutes long. I grabbed earphones, played it and got so engrossed in it that I decided to leave it as is. I thought it might be indulgent. Making an album like this is, to some degree, indulgent. But then, it’s also about having fun.

Paul McCartney, in UNCUT interview, January 2021

Last updated on November 21, 2020


You know that deep, deep feeling
When you love someone so much, you feel your hearts gonna burst
The feeling goes form best to worst
You feel your heart is gonna burst

Here in my heart, I feel a deep devotion
It almost hurts, it's such a deep emotion

Now every time it rains, it sometimes gets too much
You know I feel the pain when I feel your loving touch

Sometimes I wish it would stay
Sometimes I wish it would go away

Officially appears on

McCartney III

Official album • Released in 2020

8:xx • Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Acoustic guitar, Drums, Electric guitar, Electric piano, Piano, Producer, Vocals

Session Recording:
April - June 2020 ?
Studio :
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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