A Leaf

By Paul McCartneyCD Single • Part of the collection “Paul McCartney • Classical albums

UK release date:
Apr 21, 1995

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From Wikipedia:

A Leaf is a classical piece written by Paul McCartney, with assistance from John Fraser, and performed by Anya Alexeyev on piano. The piece is split into 7 parts. The piece was recorded live in front of Prince Charles as part of the “An Evening with Paul McCartney & Friends” concert on 23 March 1995 at Royal College of Music, while it was debuted on US radio as part of a radio special, titled Classical McCartney.

An attempted orchestrated version was recorded on 23 July 1996, at AIR Studios, in London. An extended version, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, appears on McCartney’s 1999 album, Working Classical.


  • “Andante Semplice” – 1:12
  • “Poco Piu Mosso” – 1:19
  • “Allegro Ritmico” – 1:51
  • “Andante” – 2:04
  • “Allegro Ma Non Tanto” – 1:15
  • “Moderato” – 1:18
  • “Adante Semplice (II)” – 0:54

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