The Paul McCartney Project

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Release date:
Jan 31, 2019

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Track list

Disc 1


Requiem Aeternam

4:53 • Studio version


Prayer of St Francis

4:07 • Studio version


Kyrie Eleison

4:04 • Studio version


Psalm 142

4:04 • Studio version



3:33 • Studio version


Pie Jesu

3:40 • Studio version


Agnus Dei

3:13 • Studio version


In Paradisum

3:28 • Studio version


Lux Aeterna

2:32 • Studio version



Written by Lennon - McCartney

2:22 • Studio version


From, February 5, 2019:

Animal Requiem is the brainchild of composer (and wife of Pete Townsend), Rachel Fuller. An animal lover, she has written a musical work with the intention of celebrating, remembering and honouring all the animals we have loved and lost.

As a long-time animal rights supporter Paul McCartney was also keen to be involved, and has granted permission for the Beatle song ‘Blackbird’ to be included. It’s apparently the original White Album recording (featuring McCartney’s vocal and guitar), but now accompanied by an entirely new classical arrangement performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Chamber Choir of London, conducted by Robert Ziegler.

Rachel Fuller said, “I composed the Animal Requiem for all of us who have lost a much beloved pet – the pain we feel is equal to the love we felt for them. With this music, I honour and remember all the animals I have loved and lost. All their lives have had an extraordinary impact on mine and I am forever grateful.”

From I News, January 18, 2019:

[…] “I wanted to have an extra track after the Requiem and I approached Sir Paul McCartney about a collaboration on Blackbird,” she said.

“It might not be what he was writing about but for me the song has a message about animal welfare and rising up against oppression. (Proceeds from the requiem will go to animal welfare charities and independent shelters.) Harmonically, the song would fit beautifully.”

Sir Paul’s 1968 solo offering was a tribute to the civil rights movement in the United States, although initially inspired by hearing a blackbird in Rishikesh, India. Fuller, 45, asked Townshend to help persuade the Beatle.

“I had to go to Pete, who is an old friend of Paul’s. Everyone knows Paul is a huge supporter of animal welfare and Pete wrote him a letter explaining the project and asking if I could record Blackbird using a choir and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.”

“Paul wrote back very quickly saying ‘This is cool with me. It’s a great project.’ If the other people say ‘Yes’, you can have the original Beatles tapes.

They did so I added the RPO and choir to his singing and playing. It’s great to have the prestige of the Beatles estate for the requiem”.

The Beatles’ representatives are generally reluctant to let others embellish their original recordings. Other animal-loving rockers are backing the project with Brian May of Queen and Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood hoping to attend the concert. […]

Last updated on February 10, 2019


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