Release date:
Jan 01, 2019

Master release

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Disc 1


Get Enough

Written by Paul McCartney, Ryan Tedder

2:56 • Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, Co-producer, Harpsichord, Piano, Producer, Synth bass, Synthesizer, Vocals
Keith Smith :
Assistant recording engineer
Ryan Tedder :
Backing vocals, Producer, Programming
Steve Orchard :
Recording engineer
Rich Rich :
Recording engineer
Jamie Kirkham :
Assistant recording engineer
Mark 'Spike' Stent :
Mixing engineer
Michael Freeman :
Assitant mixing engineer
Zach Skelton :
Editor, Producer, Programming, Studio personnel
Randy Merrill :
Mastering engineer

Session Recording:
2016-2018 ?
Studio :
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK ?

Session Recording:
2018 ?
Studio :
Patriot Studios, Los Angeles, USA ?


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Christian Fruhauf 5 years ago

Actually I discovered, that music could do the same effect as a blowjob with "Lovely Rita" The MOST Underrated song of all time... The guitar bass line is prodigious... The song is a masterpiece from A to B (but let's say there are no letters after B... ;-)

I know I will bring you sad, but it IS time to stop, Sir...! Your voice is destroyed, and it is really painful for a music "lover" like me to hear you doing tricks, to try to hide to the average listener that your voice cannot sing even the song you compose know... Do you want to end like Elton... We cannot say it is the same singer that wrote and recorded "Goodbye Yellow Brickroad", when we listen is last rubbish record... He should have stopped with "The Diving Board"...

Anyway, I see, I feel, you live and love for music... Music is your never ending LOVE... Make songs with other people, work with Matthew Bellamy from MUSE, but let him song... Write a record for me and make a stop out of me with Beatles song you can't write anymore because you wouldn't be able to sing them... Music is to finished, but don't give those painful recording anymore.

You could say : I still have success "Egypt Station" went first... OK, I bought it without listening to it because I have almost every song you recorded in studio or at home on my Mac, and YOU ARE the Beatles. But Restore old songs, make an more modern (without changing instruments of your great solo songs...!!!!). Bring us the "Flamming Pie" jewelry with Jeff Lynne, hurry to finish the most stupid reedition of records in the world ever. Terminate it. But let us a good souvenir of your voice, and not that painful, really much painful roaring that couldn't replace blowjobs... (PS: I'm heterNDNDosexual)


Thank you for still bringing us joy when we listen to your masterpieces....

You'll be the musician of the 20st century in History, Boulez:fuck, Bernstein:fuck, Lennon:fuck, and all the rest : fuck.

YOU ARE the incarnation of music in the 20st century, but not the music of the 21st's... So please, do music, please, go on, please die at 100 on your piano, guitar, but, never sing anymore... Find another way!

With Love

Christian Frühauf

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