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Wings Over Europe

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Dec 07, 2018

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From, October 19, 2018:

Paul proudly announces the 11th and 12th classic works from his revered catalogue to be remastered, reissued and expanded across multi-format installments of his GRAMMY-winning Archive Collection, to be released December 7, 2018 via MPL/Capitol/UMe. […]

Finally, the 11-disc Paul McCartney and Wings 1971–73 numbered limited edition super deluxe compilation features not only the entire contents of the Wild Life 4-disc numbered limited deluxe edition and of the Red Rose Speedway 6-disc numbered limited deluxe edition – but also the exclusive live album, Wings Over Europe. This exclusive collection features 20 previously unreleased, newly mixed live tracks recorded over the course of 5 shows, an introduction featuring Paul recounting memories of the 1972 tour, a 96-page photo book including previously unreleased images by Linda McCartney and Captain Snap, a replica of the 1972 Wings Over Europe tour program, and access to downloadable 24/96kHz unlimited high-resolution audio versions.

Paul McCartney Archive Collection Limited Super Deluxe Edition
Both Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway Limited Deluxe Editions, plus:
Exclusive and numbered edition, 7-colour screen print on corrugated board.
Exclusive Wings Over Europe 96-page photo book with screenprinted cover. 
Facsimile of the Wings Over Europe 1972 European tour programme.
Brand new stereo mix of tracks played on the 1972 tour on CD. 

Last updated on October 30, 2018


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Kevin Whitt 2 months ago

Please issue "Wings Over Europe" as a separate release.

The PaulMcCartney Project 2 months ago

I can't agree more, Kevin ! Strange to bundle it in the very expensive boxset, and not make it available as standalone release !

Glen Royer 1 months ago

Finally !!! Thank you Paul for releasing this incredible early Wings package. I love all the Wings stuff not only for its relevance in music history but for the simplistic beauty of very early wings material through the mega hits silly love songs and band on the run, right up to the killer comming up and spin it on tunes which capture the period of the 70's so well. Paul did exactly what he said he would do after the Beatles split and i am sure the other lads were proud, jelous and knocked out by it all. Early Wings on tour could very well have been the Beatles IF the boys would have listened to Paul about hitting the road again , as a simple lil rock and roll unit (like the old days). My favorite two Wings/Mccartney albums -Red Rose and Wild life now as a deluxe box set...... who the hell could ask for more? Keep the treasures comming young man. ps. would like too see the over europe released as a stand alone as well. More affordable for a lot of the younger fans. Also, STILL a lot of unreleased live shows and tracks that need to see the light of day. Time to show the kids what true artistry and musicianship is all about.

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 months ago

Thanks Glen - very wise words ! :)


the first edition is already sold out will there be another edition

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 months ago

@florence unfortunately no indication there will be a 2nd edition :(


can you send me news as soon as possible second edition will be available I am a big fan of Paul and I would be sad not to have this magnificent item in my collection thank you for your kindness Florence

klsbsw 1 months ago

This is already sold out on Paul's website. Will it be released again?

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 months ago

@florence, @klsbsw Will tell you if I notice a 2nd issue is coming !