UK release date:
Jun 22, 2004

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Track list

Disc 1


How Could We Still Be Dancin?

4:42 • Studio version


Soul Searchin'

4:07 • Studio version


You've Touched Me

3:21 • Studio version


Gettin in Over My Head

4:27 • Studio version


City Blues

4:20 • Studio version


Desert Drive

3:34 • Studio version


A Friend Like You

Written by Brian Wilson, Steve Kalinich

3:37 • Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Acoustic guitar, Vocals


Make A Wish

3:49 • Studio version


Rainbow Eyes

4:06 • Studio version


Saturday Morning In The City

2:53 • Studio version


Fairy Tale

5:28 • Studio version


Don't Let Her Know She's an Angel

4:17 • Studio version


The Waltz

4:09 • Studio version


From Wikipedia:

Gettin’ in Over My Head is the fifth studio album by Brian Wilson. It marked his third solo album of new studio material. It was recorded over several years and, making use of many previously written songs never before released, was issued in mid-2004 on Rhino Records. The album reached number 100 in the US during a chart stay of 1 week. It also reached number 53 in the UK.

Featuring celebrity guests, such as Paul McCartney, Elton John, Eric Clapton and the late Carl Wilson, Gettin’ in Over My Head received satisfactory reviews upon release but was not commercially successful. Sir Peter Blake created the cover art and assigned 2004 Brian Wilson Presents Smile artist Mark London to art direct the rest of the package.

Most tracks from the album were not new material, but rather a collection of older, unreleased tracks and riffs from the past. The tracks “Make a Wish”, “Fairy Tale”, “Rainbow Eyes” and “Don’t Let Her Know She’s an Angel” are re-recorded songs from Wilson’s 1990/1991 sessions from the abandoned Sweet Insanity; the lyrics to “Rainbow Eyes” were also slightly rewritten to remove the words “sweet insanity” with the replaced “sweet conspiracy”. The track “Desert Drive” is based around riffs over 40 years old. Furthermore, with the concurrent live performances of the recently completed Smile album, and the announcement of its impending issue on CD, it completely overshadowed Gettin’ in Over My Head‘s release, with all attention going to the former. There was a limited edition set of prints created by Sir Peter Blake in 2004.


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