(I Want to) Come Home

By Paul McCartneySingle • Part of the collection “Paul McCartney • Singles

UK release date:
Mar 01, 2010
US release date:
Dec 08, 2009

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Disc 1


(I Want to) Come Home

Written by Paul McCartney

3:34 • Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Acoustic guitar, Backing vocals, Bass, Drums, Electric guitar, Piano, Tambourine, Vocals
Geoff Emerick :
Recording engineer
Unknown musician(s) :
Horns, Strings
Dario Marianelli :
Orchestra conductor, String arrangement

Session Recording:
June 2009
Studio :
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Session Recording:
Jul 06, 2009
Studio :
AIR Studios, London, UK

Credits & recording details courtesy of Luca Perasi • Buy Paul McCartney: Music Is Ideas. The Stories Behind the Songs (Vol. 1) 1970-1989 on Amazon


From paulmccartney.com, January 20, 2010:

Paul McCartney To Release Brand New Golden Globe Nominated Single ‘(I Want To) Come Home’ Taken From The Forthcoming Robert De Niro Film ‘Everybody’s Fine’ UK Digital Release‚ 1st March 2010

This March sees EMI Records release Paul McCartney’s Golden Globe nominated track ‘(I Want To) Come Home’, taken from the forthcoming Miramax film Everybody’s Fine starring Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore and Kate Beckinsale. Paul specially wrote and recorded the track after being asked to by director Kirk Jones and seeing an early screening.

The film ends with ‘(I Want To) Come Home’ starting up before the final credits and providing the perfect backdrop to a film that explores many different areas of family life and relationships. ‘Everybody’s Fine’, which opens in the UK on 26th February, is about a widower (De Niro) embarking on a road trip to catch up with his grown up children and their lives in order to complete one simple mission – to get his family all together round the same table for Christmas. His kids are forever telling him that they are all fine, but he soon discovers it’s not quite the case. Talking about relating to the film Paul said, “I could definitely identify with Robert De Niro’s character because I have grown-up kids who have their own families.” The track opens with just Paul at the piano, intimately singing lyrics that fit De Niro’s character; ‘For so long I was out in the cold and I taught myself to believe every story I told’, before he’s joined by strings and the track starts to build.

Paul collaborated on the orchestrations with composer Dario Marianelli and the results are spectacular. Talking about the writing process Paul explained, “When I saw the film originally, I was just watching and enjoying it, when at the end I found that the director had, unbeknown to me, put in the place where he wanted the new song another song of mine: Let It Be sung by Aretha Franklin. I kind of left the theatre thinking well, I can’t write another Let It Be and I can’t sing like Aretha much as I want to, so I might have to pass. But that evening, I came back from dinner and started doodling with some chords and I had an idea and it all grew from there“. (I Want To) Come Home has already become a firm favourite at Paul’s live shows. It was given its debut live outing on his recent December sell out Good Evening Europe‚ tour where it sat perfectly at home in the set-list in-between other McCartney penned piano classics ‘The Long And Winding Road’ and ‘My Love’.

Paul’s recent tour ended on the 22nd of December when he played his one and only UK show of the year at London‚ o2 Arena, which is already being talked about as THE show of 2009. The track was shortlisted in the Best Original Song category at this year’s Golden Globe awards as well as receiving a nomination for Best Song at the 15th Annual Broadcast Film Critic‚s Choice Awards, which took place on Friday, 15th January 2010.

*Details of International release dates will be coming soon. Please note the single is already available in the US having been issued at the time of the film’s release on 4th December 2009.

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Alex olt 6 years ago

Sais pas quoi dire....ça laisse un goût bizarre, on dirait du BEATLES....🤨

Alex N 4 years ago

I always feel this is the absolute most underrated Paul song of his entire solo career. It's so so beautiful, and never talked about anymore.

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