We Love You / Dandelion

UK release date:
Aug 18, 1967
F 12654

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Track list

Side 1


We Love You

Written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards

4:38 • Studio version

Paul McCartney :
Backing vocals, Handclaps
John Lennon :
Backing vocals, Handclaps
Nicky Hopkins :
Brian Jones :
Mick Jagger :
Handclaps, Vocals
Keith Richards :
Backing vocals, Electric guitars
Bill Wyman :
Bass guitar
Charlie Watts :
Andrew Loog Oldham :

Recording :
June–July 1967
Studio :
Olympic Sound Studios, London

Session Recording:
Jul 19, 1967
Studio :
Olympic Sound Studios, London

Side 2



Studio version


We’d be hanging out with the Stones, working on their sessions; it was a very friendly scene. There must have been a bit of competition because that’s only natural, but it was always friendly. We used to say, ‘Have you got one coming out?’ and if they had we’d say, ‘Well, hold it for a couple of weeks, because we’ve got one.’ It made sense, really, to avoid each other’s releases. John and I sang on the Stones’ song ‘We Love You’ – Mick had been stuck for an idea and he asked us to come along. So we went down to Olympic Studios and made it up.

Paul McCartney – From “The Beatles Anthology” book, 2000

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Ivan 2 years ago

People say that Lennon and McCartney also provided backing vocals on Dandelion too.

The PaulMcCartney Project 2 years ago

Thanks Ivan! My reference when it comes to contribution to other albums in the 60s is an old 1976 book called "All Together Now" by Harry Castleman & Walter J. Podrazik. So far the book hasn't failed me. Contribution to Dandelion is not referenced there. But who knows, you may be right :)

Ivan 2 years ago

The book "Rolling Stones: The Story Behind Every Track" by Phillippe Margotin states it.

The PaulMcCartney Project 2 years ago

Oh great, thanks for the reference !!! Will look at it !

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