UK release date:
Oct 20, 1967

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Recording "Catcall"

Jul 20, 1967

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Side 1



Written by Paul McCartney

3:00 • Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Cat calls
Chris Barber :
Cat calls, Trombone
Brian Auger :
Cat calls, Organ
Barry Jenkins :
Cat calls
Vic Briggs :
Cat calls
Viv Prince :
Cat calls
Madeleine Hirsiger :
Cat calls
Ottilie Patterson :
Cat calls
John Ryan :
Cat calls
Gustav Karl Lovenz Schneeweiss-Moody :
Cat calls
Pat Halcox :
Cat calls, Trumpet
John Crocker :
Alto sax (?), Cat calls
Ian Wheeler :
Alto sax (?), Cat calls, Harmonica
John Slaughter :
Cat calls, Guitar
Stu Morrison :
Banjo, Cat calls
Jackie Flavelle :
Bass, Cat calls
Graham Burbidge :
Cat calls, Drums

Session Recording:
Jul 20, 1967
Studio :
Chappell Recording Studios, London UK

Side 2


Mercy Mercy Mercy

Studio version


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Dr Jonathan S. Swift 3 months ago

As Paul is fond of charities, has he considered organising a concert in aid of Ukraine? I am sure that if asked many other musicians would give their time free for such a good cause - I am thinking of something along the lines of George Harrison's "Concert for Bangladesh" - although Harrison is sadly no longer with us. All profits from such a concert could be donated to the Ukraine medical and infrastructure services, and the artists involved could not, therefore, be accused of providing money for the purchase of armaments. I for one would love to buy a CD from such a concert.
There are many McCartney/Beatles songs that could be played (with slight changes to the lyrics): "Back in the USSR", "Get Back", "Yesterday", "Help" to name but a few.
I hope that Paul reads this, and takes my message seriously - I can be contacted at my email address.

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