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Written by Lennon - McCartneyUnreleased song Instrumental
Timeline This song has been written (or started being written) in 1958 (Paul McCartney was 16 years old)

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Officially appears on Catcall

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Song facts

From earlybeatlessongs:

One of several instrumentals, this one is principally by McCartney and was probably written in late-1958. The song was one of a few originals incorporated into the group’s live act, where it stayed until 1962. By luck, a tape of the Beatles rehearsing the song twice was captured in late-1962 at the Cavern Club, and these recordings have circulated on bootleg CDs. These versions have the song arranged Shadows-style, with dominant lead guitar figures.

McCartney wasn’t done with it however, and in July 1967, assisted Chris Barber with the recording of a rather different version which came out as a single that October, with the song re-titled as “Catcall”. (It didn’t chart.) In a break from protocol, the song was formally copyrighted without Lennon’s name being added.

A tiny fragment of the song also turns up in bootlegged tapes from the 1969 Get Back sessions (January 24). More recently a legal edition of the Beatles’ Cavern performances has appeared on the double LP, I Saw Her Standing There on the Rock Melon label. This collection of miscellaneous 1962 material was made possible by the expiry of the 50-year legal protection period on unreleased recordings, which made these and other tapes fair game in 2013.


Complete Home Recordings 1958-62

Unofficial album • Released in 2002

1:28 • Live

Complete Home Recordings 1958-62

Unofficial album • Released in 2002

1:26 • Live

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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Martin Beasley 1 years ago

Who played lead guitar on Catswalk?