Recording "Catcall"

Thursday, July 20, 1967 • For The Chris Barber Band

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Catcall 7" Single.
Chappell Recording Studios, London UK

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On this day, Paul McCartney and Jane Asher attended a recording session at the Chappell Recording Studios. They were there to support Chris Barber as he embarked on recording Paul’s instrumental track, “Catcall.” Paul contributed to the recording by playing the piano and yelling in the chorus at the end.

Fom 20 July 1967: The Chris Barber Band records Catcall | The Beatles Bible


It was quite a rave night at Chappell’s new London studios last week when Chris Barber’s band recorded a Paul McCartney composition, “Cat Calls.” Pictured in the studio are Brian Auger, Chris and Paul. Others who looked in were Ottilie Patterson, Jane Asher, Vic Briggs, of the Animals, and Viv Prince. The single will be released on the new Marmalade label.

From Melody Maker – July 29, 1967
From Melody Maker – July 29, 1967

A strange meeting of the giants. Chris Barber, million-selling trad man was in the recording studios (Chappells fabulous new studio in Bond Street to be precise) and so was Paul McCartney. The reason? Well, if you haven’t read it before, it was for Chris to cut Paul’s song “Cat Calls”. Among those present were Paul and Jane Asher, Chris Barber and his Band, Ottilie Patterson, Brian Auger, Vic Briggs of the Animals and Viv Prince. The single will be issued on the new Marmalade label.

From Record Mirror – August 12, 1967
From Record Mirror – August 12, 1967

McCartney trad titles help launch new label

PAUL McCARTNEY has written several tracks of a Chris Barber LP tentatively set for release by the independent Marmalade label on November 9. Barber’s single of McCartney’s “Catcall,” previously announced, is planned for release the same day. First official release from Marmalade will be an unusual single featuring three numbers by London-based group, Blossom Toes, on October 6.

From New Musical Express – September 9, 1967
From New Musical Express – September 9, 1967

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Songs recorded




Paul McCartney:
Cat calls
Chris Barber:
Trombone, Cat calls
Brian Auger:
Cat calls, Organ
Barry Jenkins:
Cat calls
Vic Briggs:
Cat calls
Viv Prince:
Cat calls
Madeleine Hirsiger:
Cat calls
Ottilie Patterson:
Cat calls
John Ryan:
Cat calls
Gustav Karl Lovenz Schneeweiss-Moody:
Cat calls
Pat Halcox:
Cat calls, Trumpet
John Crocker:
Alto sax (?), Cat calls
Ian Wheeler:
Harmonica, Alto sax (?), Cat calls
John Slaughter:
Cat calls, Guitar
Stu Morrison:
Banjo, Cat calls
Jackie Flavelle:
Bass, Cat calls
Graham Burbidge:
Cat calls, Drums

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