Interview for Queen Magazine • Wednesday, July 19, 1967

Interview for Queen Magazine

Interview of Paul McCartney

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I believe that love is the one thing that can supersede everything else. Love is a groove. It sounds complicated but it’s simple. It’s just a matter of me sitting here and you sitting there and both of us starting out from the point that we have some things in common, that basically we dig each other. Then we can relax and progress and not get hung up on any useless prejudices. Is there anything wrong with that? Doesn’t that make sense?

Love is the only natural thing. Cynicism isn’t real. Love is very easy, but cynicism is forced and it hasn’t a direction to anything or anyone.

I honestly believe love is more powerful than anything. Yes, I admit it’s easier to preach love when you’re rich and secure than when you’re starving, but I still think people who are hungry, who are sick and dying should try to show love.

I’ve found it’s possible to get on with anyone. I used not to bother with people who seemed boring or difficult, but now I take my time, I try to approach them openly, and then I find that they have their own groove.

I can go down to UFO or any of the new clubs and no one is tight any more, no one is looking around and waiting for a fight. Clubs used to be mean, but now everyone is relaxed and, if someone wants to wear wild clothes or do some outrageous dance, it’s all right and everyone digs it.

God is in everything. God is in the space between us. God is in that table in front of you. God is everything and everywhere and everyone.

It just happens that I’ve realised all of this through acid (LSD), but it could have been through anything. It really doesn’t matter how I made it… The final result is all that counts.

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