Aida Foster Children's Choir

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The Aida Foster Children’s Choir was used for McCartney-produced “Those Were The Days” interpreted by Mary Hopkin.

From Wikipedia:

The Aida Foster Theatre School for drama, dance and education was founded by Aida Foster in 1929 as a hobby to teach dancing. It expanded over the years to become one of Britain’s foremost stage schools. Many stage and film personalities of the 20th Century received their professional education and arranged their first employment through the school. Run by Aida, and later by her daughter Anita Foster, it catered for three different groups of students: those that undertook dance training only, younger pupils that had full education plus both dancing and drama training, and older students taking drama training only.

The Aida Foster School supplied many of the pantomime “babes” (children’s choruses and parts) for the West End Christmas shows of the 1950s. They also obtained modelling contracts for many of the juveniles.

Foster had started a theatrical agency associated with the school in 1944. Following the death of her husband she closed the school in 1970 to concentrate on the agency with her daughter Anita.

The school was situated on Finchley Road in Golders Green, London, just north of the junction with Golders Green Road. […]

From Tumblr – From left to right, Paul McCartney, Mary Hopkin and arranger Richard Newson enlist the aid of the Aida Foster Children’s Choir to record Hopkin’s song ‘Those Were the Days’ for the Apple label, 26th July 1968. (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Last updated on August 2, 2023

Recording sessions Aida Foster Children's Choir participated in

Recording "Those Were the Days"

Late July 1968 • Songs recorded during this session appear on Those Were The Days / Turn! Turn! Turn!

Albums, EPs & singles which Aida Foster Children's Choir contributed to

Those Were The Days / Turn! Turn! Turn!

By Mary Hopkin • 7" Single

Contribution: Choir • 1 songs

Post Card (US version)

By Mary Hopkin • LP

Contribution: Choir • 1 songs

Post Card (2010 remaster)

By Mary Hopkin • Official album

Contribution: Choir • 5 songs


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