Ian Iachimoe

Pseudonym used by Paul McCartney

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Ian Iachimoe is a pseudonym Paul McCartney used in 1966. It’s supposedly meant to be “Paul McCartney” phonetically backwards.

Paul wrote “Yours sincerely, Ian Iachimoe” under the handwritten lyrics of “Paperback Writer“.

In March 1966, Paul McCartney’s friend Barry Miles and John Hopkins launched an underground magazine called “The Long Hair Times”. Under the pseudonym Ian Iachimoe, Paul announced a competition to complete a film script, with a prize of twenty guineas for the winner.


Ian Iachimoe, the Polish “new wave” film director, is offering a prize of 20 guineas to anyone who can supply the missing link in the following script. The dialogue is not needed, just the idea. Here is the outline of the story:

A woman (age 35-45) is fanatical about cleanliness. She is amazingly houseproud and obsessional about getting rid of dirt. This carries over in her dress, looks, and so on.

Something happens to make her have to crawl through a great load of dirt, old dustbins and so on. Good old honest dirt. WHAT IS THIS SOMETHING?

The story continues with the woman’s mind being snapped by her experiences with dirt. She goes mad and her obsession gets even worse.

WHAT IS NEEDED is the idea. What could have caused her to become involved with filth. (She is not forced to do it, but chooses to do it herself.)

SEND ALL ANSWERS, as many as you like, to Ian Iachimoe, c/o INDICA BOOKS & GALLERY, 6, Mason’s Yard, Duke St, St James’s. London SW1. WHI 1424

THIS COMPETITION IS FOR REAL – it seems strange but is real.

From The Long Hair Times

From The Beatles Monthly Book – July 1966

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