Micky Dolenz

Mar 08, 1945

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From Wikipedia:

George Michael Dolenz Jr. (born March 8, 1945) is an American actor, musician, TV producer and businessman. He was the drummer and one of two primary vocalists for the pop-rock band the Monkees (1966–1970, and multiple reunions through 2021), and a co-star of the TV series The Monkees (1966–1968). Following the death of Michael Nesmith in 2021, Dolenz is the only surviving member of the band. […]

The Monkees

In 1965, Dolenz was cast in the television sitcom The Monkees and became the drummer and a lead vocalist in the band created for the show. He was not actually a drummer and needed lessons to be able to mime credibly, but eventually was taught how to play properly. By the time the Monkees went on tour in late 1966, Dolenz was competent enough to play the drums himself.
Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, writers of many of the Monkees’ songs, observed quickly that when brought into the studio together, the four actors would try to make each other laugh. Because of this, the writers often brought in each singer individually. The antics escalated until Dolenz poured a cup of ice on Don Kirshner’s head. At the time, Dolenz did not know Kirshner on sight.

According to Michael Nesmith, Dolenz’s voice made the Monkees’ sound distinctive, and during tension-filled times, Nesmith and Peter Tork voluntarily turned over lead vocal duties to Dolenz on their own compositions.

Dolenz wrote a few of the band’s self-penned songs, most prominently “Randy Scouse Git” from the album Headquarters. He provided the lead vocals for such hits as “Last Train to Clarksville”, “Pleasant Valley Sunday”, and “I’m a Believer”. Dolenz also directed and co-wrote the show’s final episode.

Dolenz purchased the third modular Moog synthesizer sold commercially. (The first two belonged to Wendy Carlos and Buck Owens.) His performance on the Monkees’ song “Daily Nightly” (written by Nesmith), from the album Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd., was one of the first uses of the synthesizer on a rock recording. He eventually sold his instrument to Bobby Sherman. […]

[Paul and I] had dinner and hung out and talked. He invited me down to Abbey Road Studios. I was there when they were tracking ‘Good Morning Good Morning’. Then I was back for a couple of other things and for the big Sgt. Pepper’s finale.

Micky Dolenz – Interview with Westword, December 2019

From The Monkees on Twitter: In Feb. 1967, Micky met Paul at the Beatle’s London home: “Paul turned out to be a tremendously real and likeable person. He said that he watched and enjoyed our TV show and that he liked our records. That I think is a tremendous tribute.”
From A State of Cataleptic Euphemism – Micky and Sir Paul McCartney in 1997. (tumblr.com) – Micky and Sir Paul McCartney in 1997. 

Recording sessions Micky Dolenz participated in

Recording "Good Morning Good Morning"

Feb 08, 1967 • Songs recorded during this session appear on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (UK Mono)


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