Suzy and the Red Stripes

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From Wikipedia:

Suzy and the Red Stripes was a pseudonym used by the group [Wings] for the release of the Linda McCartney and Wings single “Seaside Woman” in 1977. It was written and sung by Linda McCartney. It was the only release by Wings under that name. Linda said that the “Suzy and the Red Stripes” pseudonym came about because she had been called “Suzi” in Jamaica because of “a fantastic reggae version of ‘Suzi Q'”, and Red Stripe is Jamaica’s leading brand of beer.

We’re going to put the single out under the name Suzi and the Red Stripes. When we were in Jamaica, there had been a fantastic reggae version of ‘Suzi Q,’ so they used to call me Suzi. And the beer in Jamaica is called Red Stripe, so that makes it Suzi and the Red Stripes. It’ll be out someday, but I’ve been saying ‘Seaside Woman’ will be released since 1971 and we still haven’t bothered. It’s a bit like my photography book. Someday there will be a book.

Linda McCartney, interview with Paul Gambaccini, for RollingStone, 1974
From – An original 1977 promotional poster for the single ‘Seaside Woman’ by Linda McCartney’s alias ‘Suzy And The Red Stripes’. The poster has been rolled and is printed with a caricature image of two women on a red and white striped background. The words ‘Linda McCartney Alias Suzy and the Red Stripes’ is printed above and ‘New Single Seaside Woman’ is printed below. It measures 51cm x 76cm (20 inches x 30 inches)

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