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Friday, October 25, 1963

Karlstad • 7pm show

Concert • By The Beatles • Part of the Autumn 1963 Sweden Tour

Last updated on April 16, 2019


  • Country: Sweden
  • City: Karlstad
  • Location: Sundsta Läroverk


  • Location: Sundsta Läroverk


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From The Beatles Virtual Museum:

Friday October the 25th 1963

The Beatles as tourists in Stockholm

The first place the visit was the Stockholm’s Stadshus. A couple of photo sessions was held. Photographers like Bo Trenter and Robert Freeman was there. The cover to the EP “Long Tall Sally” was taken at this occasion. The boys themselves filmed each other with a 8 mm camera.

The next stop was “Hötorget” right in the centre of Stockholm. More photos was taken. A great shot is a picture taken by The Beatles jumping in front of “Sergel Teatern”.

After sightseeing around in Stockholm the time had come for a major meeting with the Swedish fans. Time for The Beatles to leave for Karlstad, their first concert outside the UK.

Six American wagons and one trailer headed the 300 kilometres for Karlstad. It was snowing (Ringo asked for it). All the four Beatles sat in the same car.

Late that same evening The Beatles entered the old Statshotellet in Karlstad. The hotel manager welcomed the boys and gave George and Ringo a double room. John and Paul got the same. The manager was impressed over how well behaved the boys were. He was so impressed that he a couple years later bought stocks in Northern Songs.

Brian Epstein was in a bad mode. He didn’t like the fact that the English booking agency received 100 pound a day during the tour. Much to much, he said.

The first concert at Nya Aulan in Sundsta school took place at 19.00 and the second one started off at 21.00. The place was built for 750 people was only filled to 3/4 during booth of the concerts. The cheapest tickets could be bought for 12 SKr (about $ 1.50) and the exclusive ones for 20 SKr (just under $ 3.00) and that was held for being very expensive.

The Beatles at Sundsta Läroverk, Karlstad, October 25. The concert lasted for about 20 minutes

Two bands made their act before The Beatles got on the stage: “Svend Millers Popstars” and “The Phantoms”. A couple of Swedish girls who had worked as au-pair in England knew how to behave on a pop concert. They yelled “We want The Beatles”, “We want The Beatles”.

Now the time has come for the historical moment. The Beatles first entry on a foreign stage. John, Paul and George entered running the stage. Ringo came in last with a drum under his arm.

– My god, I knew they were longhaired, but not that longhaired! was a comment that could be read in the papers the day after the show.

The first accord came as a big shock, nearly the same shock as the for hair. None had ever played as loud as The Beatles in that place. What a noise.
When John was singing “Twist and Shout” the microphone broke. As there were no time the repair it this had to be the end of The Beatles extra number, then it was over.

After the concert the boys went back to the hotel for a late dinner and a rest.

The cover to the EP “Long Tall Sally” was taken on this day in Stockholm

Sundsta Läroverk

This was the 1st concert played at Sundsta Läroverk.

A total of 2 concerts have been played there • 1963Oct 25th (7pm show)Oct 25th (9pm show)

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evolutionbynight • 2 years ago


Please, Please Me”,

“I Saw Her Standing There”,

“From Me To You”,

“A Taste Of Honey”,


“She Loves You” and

“Twist And Shout”.


“Twist And Shout” again.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 2 years ago

Thanks for this !

Penny Finzel • 1 year ago

In Karkstad My friend Barbara Dubrawski interviewed the Beatles in their dressing room for her school magazine. while her friend took the photographs. Barbara and I were living in the same accomadation in Bognor Regis when she was in the U.K in the summer of 1963. The Beatles were getting famous here, so when she returned to Sweden. the Beatles agreed to give her the interview. Barbara sent me all the copies of the photographs. I would love to find her again. She probably married and no longer has the sirname of Dubrawski. Would be thrilled to know what her life has been like since the great times we enjoyed together in England?

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