Bournemouth • Tuesday, May 15, 1973

ConcertBy Wings • Part of the Wings 1973 UK Tour
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United Kingdom
Winter Gardens Theatre

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’Wings Fly High in Bournemouth’ by Sue Bagg

The 15th started off in bright sunshine and warmth. I had been a fan of the Beatles for 10 years, but never actually witnessed a live performance. Once inside the pace hotted up, the first band, Brinsley Schwarz came on and played some really good numbers. There was an interval followed by a juggling act. By this time I had reached fever pitch. – ’’Wings” – Everyone clapped, screamed and whistled.

The curtains opened and Wings walked on. They went into their opening number and then rocked into ’Big Barn Bed’, I stared at Paul in disbelief, the sound Wings were getting together on stage far surpassed any recording! Seaside Woman, written by Linda, and I was flooded with happiness … but it had to end … it seems like a dream looking back, even tho’ I know I saw Paul McCartney and WINGS!!!

Last Tuesday I and three friends went to see Paul and Wings at Bournemouth. As soon as the band walked on stage, the applause was deafening, as it was after each of the numbers they performed. It was the first time I had seen Paul live, and he looked much slimmer and sleeker than I had imagined. Linda, too, looked much prettier; the camera does not do her justice! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the concert. Denny L’s. version of ’Say you Don’t Mind’ makes Colin Blundstone’s look positively anaemic. All the numbers were superb, ending up with ’The Mess’ and ’Hi Hi Hi’ which really got the audience on their feet. When Wings came back on stage to do ’Long Tall Sally’ everybody was joining in, Paul belting it out in his inimitable rocker voice. Too much!

Robert Shaw

From Wings Fun Club newsletter #3

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Winter Gardens Theatre

This was the 2nd concert played at Winter Gardens Theatre.

A total of 2 concerts have been played there • 1963Nov 16th1973May 15th

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Ray Tarbet 6 years ago

I only remember for sure Live and Let Die and My Love apart from catching a frisbee from Paul.


The PaulMcCartney Project 6 years ago

Thanks Ray ! Do you still have that frisbee ? :D

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