The Last Resort • Friday, November 27, 1987

TV ShowBy Paul McCartney
United Kingdom
Ewart Television Studios

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From Wikipedia:

Jonathan Stephen Ross, OBE (born 17 November 1960) is an English television and radio presenter, film critic, and actor best known for presenting the BBC One chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross during the 2000s. […] Ross began his television career as a programme researcher, before débuting as a television presenter for The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross on Channel 4 in 1987. [In 1987] he met fellow researcher Alan Marke, and the two devised what would prove to be a breakthrough hit for Ross in 1987, The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross.

The two men based their concept on the successful American show Late Night with David Letterman, and formed a new production company called Channel X, to produce a pilot. Ross had not planned to be the show’s host, but he presented the show from its debut in January 1987.

While the series was initially a co-production with Colin Calendar, ownership transferred to Marke and Ross, meaning that the latter retained a great deal of control as well as being presenter. The show was successful for both Ross and for Channel 4, making him one of the major personalities on the channel. […]

From Club Sandwich N°47/48, Spring 1988:

Seven days later [after his appearance on Wogan] Paul popped up in the rather different ambience of Channel Four’s The Last Resort, hosted by the young, sharp-suited Jonathan Ross, whose intro was a bit of gem. “He was born in the small English town of Liverpool. With some friends he formed a band known as the… Bee-at-els, and apparently they were very famous. And it doesn’t surprise me, because the boys in the band say he’s a great little entertainer.” Then it was into ‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’ with Steve Neieve (we think that’s the current spelling) and the Playboys: Steve (keyboards) and Pete Thomas (drums) from Elvis Costello’s Attractions, and Kevin Armstrong (guitar) and Steve Lawrence (bass). Kevin took a solo on his very battered weapon – both he and Steve N. have been in the studio with Paul – and with their promising rhythm guitarist and singer in the band achieved the same sort of compelling, fractured drive as EC and the A’s. Then Jonathan joined Paul (sweating only the merest touch) at the front of the stage. “I’ve got a couple of albums here I wouldn’t mind you signing for some friends of mine if that’s all right,” began a tentative JR, a heap of LP’s under his arm. “This one’s for a friend of mine called Jonathan… So why do the oldie like that?” “I’ve recorded some of them on the twelve-inch of my new single – there’s a couple of rockers on it.” (Cheers, whistles.) “Could you do this one for another friend of mine? Just put ‘To JR’… Recently Michael Jackson bought the Northern Songs catalogue, with a lot of your stuff. How did you feel about that? I know you own quite a few songs yourself.” “I thought it was a terrific move on his part. He said ‘I’m gonna buy your songs, Paul.’ I said, ‘You’re joking.’ Then he phoned me and said he’s bought ’em.” “You’re working with Elvis Costello at the moment, aren’t you? How did that get together?” “Somebody said, “It might be a good idea if you work with Elvis Costello.’ I said, ‘I’ll give it a try’ He’s very good, y’know…” “Can you put on this one ‘To Jon-Jon’?” “This is definitely the weak item on the show.” “You’re gonna tour soon, aren’t you?” “Well, maybe next year.” “Have you got a band organised, or are you gonna try and take these brave boys?” “No, I haven’t asked the boys yet, but they’re shaping up pretty well.” “We can’t possibly let you go without doing another number for us. What are you gonna do for us all, Paul?” “A little song called ‘I Saw Her Standing There, ‘Cause She Was Just Seventeen’.” (Cheers, pandemonium.) And that wasn’t all. After an engaging performance of the above Beatles chestnut with another brittle, distinctive guitar solo from Mr. A., Paul and co. whacked into ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’, featuring fine piano work from Mr. Nieve after ditto organ playing on the previous number. […]

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Ewart Television Studios

This was the 1st and only concert played at Ewart Television Studios.


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John Norris 6 years ago

I remember the excitement of seeing Paul in a live performance. Hard to imagine now but back then I really did not expect to see Paul ever your again!

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