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Birmingham • Sunday, April 13, 2003

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National Indoor Arena

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From The Macca Report:

Five of Birmingham’s policemen were reunited backstage with Paul before his show. In 1963 they had given the Beatles their helmets (Bobbies helmets) as a disguise to smuggle them past 1,000 screaming girls at the Birminghan Hippodrome. When Paul came into his dressing room he said, “Where are the coppers then? Where are the scuffers? Long time no see, this is fabulous!” 

After the show former policeman,Tom Jones, 63 said, “Paul was such a gentleman, it was wonderful to meet him again. We only got to see the Beatles from the wings at the Hippodrome so to see Paul’s fantastic show was great.”

Songs heard at the soundcheck, “Coming Up,” “All Things Must Pass,” “San Francisco Bay Blues.”

Paul and Heather waved to fans as they drove into the venue in a jaguar (Paul driving). The show started at 8:10pm with the pre-show which doesn’t seem to be entralling the UK audience like it did in the US. Paul wore the red Nehru jacket, long-sleeved red T-shirt and charcoal pin-striped trouser. Same setlist as Manchester. The 13,000 sellout crowd stood up when Paul arrived onstage and the main floor stood for the whole concert. Security was making people sit down in the block (mezzanine) sections.

In the audience was UK DJ Tony Blackburn, host of the TV show, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.”

Paul was in great singing voice but his talking voice was hoarse at times.

Paul talked about driving north through the Midlands to Liverpool and seeing the National Trust signs – “Historic Durham, Historic Warwick…the only one that rhymes,” he joked. 

When Paul took off his jacket the band played “The Stripper.” Wolf-whistles from the female fans was heard.

For the intro to “Michelle” Paul talked about wearing a black polo neck jumper (sweater) to look ‘sophisticated’ which got screams and wolf-whistles from female fans. Paul remarked, “Now people scream for inanimate objects.” Then he yelled, “There’s a black kettle in the corner!” (fans screamed) “Polka-dot knickers!” (fans screamed).

Rusty pulled out his digital camera during the show and took a photo of the audience. He also did his ‘fall’ at the end of “Live and Let Die.”

For his introduction to “Something” Paul explained how George Harrison was was a “seriously good ukulele player ” and a life-long fan of George Formby and belonged to the George Formby fanclub. People cheered. Paul said that when he told this story in America only a few people knew who George Formby was.

He dedicated, “Your Loving Flame” to his “lovely wife, Heather” and dedicated “My Love” to Linda.

At the end of “Calico Skies” Paul mentioned that if you liked this track it would be available (new version) on a charity album from the Mirror Group (“Hope” – War Child Charity) to help the children of Iraq. 

Paul had a few minor slips up vocally but his voice was superb throughout the show though there were some noticeable cold affer-effects. During “Let It Be” Paul sneezed and made faces trying to stop himself from sneezing again and altered his voice which showed some signs of strain, while trying not to laugh. There was so much smoke after “Live and Let Die” when he performed “Let It Be” he also coughed. Only a few people in the audience held up lighters during the song. 

Abe sang the main harmonies on “Two of Us” while Paul sang the lower vocals (John’s part) and Abe did Paul’s vocal part. Abe did the whistling at the end of the song.

Heather came out before “Hey Jude” (right side of photo pit) and stayed until the end of the show. She was seen dancing and waving her arms. 

Paul commented on signs in the audience and said that when he reads the signs while he’s performing he sometimes forgets what he’s doing! He pointed to the “St. Paul Loves Sir Paul” sign and pointed to another sign with pink hearts and said “I like the hearts.” 

Congrats to Brenda Spencer for getting her “Back in the US” CD booklet (her photo is in the booklet on the lower right of the page) signed right after “Yesterday.” That was the only item Paul signed from the stage. Fans threw flowers and stuffed animals to the stage and Paul picked some up. […]

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National Indoor Arena

This was the 1st concert played at National Indoor Arena.

A total of 2 concerts have been played there • 2003Apr 13thApr 14th

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