London • Saturday, April 19, 2003

ConcertBy Paul McCartney • Part of the Back in the World tour
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Earls Court

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From The Macca Report:

For the second Earls Court show Paul dropped “Things We Said” today which was replaced by “Maybe I’m Amazed.” “Calico Skies,” “Two of Us,” and “I’ve Just Seen A Face” remained in the setlist. 

Paul was seen coming in around 4:30 in a silver Mercedes. He waved to fans but did not stop.

There was very tight security with body searches and bag checks. People were warned that if they were caught with cameras they would be tossed out. Security with walkie talkies were searching out camera flashes and people were being searched at their seats and if a camera was found they were escorted out. Paul’s security physically pushed people back in their seats if they moved out of their area in the front row.

Heather walked in to take her spot in the photo pit and shook hands with thrilled fans sitting in the mezzanine near the stage.

The show started at 7:40pm with Paul coming on at 8pm. Paul wore a sky-blue Nehru jacket with a bright yellow lining, a red long-sleeved T-shirt and charcoal pin-striped trousers. 

The crowd sat for most of the concert, getting up when Paul first arrived onstage and then sitting down. Toward the end of the concert people were on their feet. 

Paul said,”Welcome to the court of the Earls. (a reference to Lord of the Rings) We have come to rock you.”

For the acoustic set just before “Blackbird” the band (as usua) left Paul all alone on stage. He told the audience, “This is the time they leave me alone with you. I’m not afraid, are you?” The audience laughed. 

When he introduced “Michelle” and mentioned landmarks in Liverpool there was no reaction. But when he mention “polo neck sweater” women screamed as at previous shows. Paul mentioned that now people were screaming for items of clothing and the polo neck sweater was getting screams all around the world.

Paul’s voice showed clear signs of strain throughout the show missing a crucial high note on “My Love” to which he grimaced. He nailed “Maybe I’m Amazed” with no problem.

There was a lot going on in the front rows with fans trying to have conversations with Paul. Paul feigning annoyance said, “The people in the front row, we seem to have a bit of a conversation going on here. ‘How are you Paul ? How you doing.’ I can’t spend all my time talking to you. What about those at the back?” he said pointing to the balcony with brought loud cheers from the balcony. 

When the strongman brought out the psychedelic piano Paul said, “They’ve brought out the strange box that just appears… What is it?” A smartass audience member yelled out “THAT’S A PIANO!” Paul not missing beat said, “Good guess!Yeah, I know it’s a piano.”

He talked about signs in the audience and losing his concentration while performing because he was reading them. He mentioned one sign and said, “My Mother Saw You At Shea Stadium! Big deal.” (He did something similar in the States pointing out a sign that wasn’t there -“My Mother Saw You in Chicago in 1965!”) There was a line of signs in the audience that read “We Have Come To Rock You.”

The offstage crew played a joke on Brian. During “Birthday” Brian plays a tambourine which he discards at the end of the song by tossing it offstage. Evidently he must have hit a few crew members at previous gigs because, just before tambourine toss the crew was seen putting on ‘hard hats’ with little flags on top to protect themselves from the toss. Brian couldn’t stop laughing.

Paul joked about Easter talking about “me and my bunny rabbit.” When the end of the show was coming he told the crowd, “You HAVE to go home….because the Easter bunny is coming!!!”

There was a new beginning to “Band On the Run.” Paul performed the slow Radio 2 version (being played after the concert on the PA system) with Wix playing sitar on the keyboard. Paul sang a few lines and then began the normal version.

Heather was shown on the screens quite a bit dancing during “Hey Jude.” Members of the crew were dancing at the sides of the stage.

Paul picked up all the Easter bunnies and eggs thrown on the stage including a Humpty Dumpty doll and either placed them on the stage or gave them to band members who put them on their heads.

Just before “Sgt. Pepper Reprise /The End” Paul said, “Can you believe it? Someone in the front row has just asked me to play ‘Something!’ He knows there is no pleasing some people!”

After the song he posed with a stuffed bunny waving the bunny’s paw saying, “Me and my bunny would like to wish you a very happy Easter.”

Paul signed a DVD before he left the stage.

Text messages:

“Play something from Ram Paul.” “I know you said get back Paul but surely you did not mean this far!” “Paul we need front row seats as my old man is getting on a bit. Give him something to talk about down at the pub.” “Two gigs over 500 miles how about a front row seat?” “My mum thinks you’re great.” “I saw you at the Finsbury Park Astroia in 1963. I’ve been in love with you ever since.”

Paul Mccartney In Concert, Earls Court, London, Britain – 19 Apr 2003, Paul Mccartney (Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images)

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Earls Court

This was the 5th concert played at Earls Court.

A total of 8 concerts have been played there • 1993Sep 11thSep 14thSep 15th2003Apr 18thApr 19thApr 21stApr 22nd2008Feb 20th

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