Promotional film • For Mary Hopkin • Directed by Tony Bramwell
Timeline This film has been released in 1969
Filming date:
Mar 01, 1969
Filming location:
Morgan Studios, London, UK

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Officially appears on Goodbye / Sparrow

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As a follow-up to Mary Hopkin’s first single “Those Were The Days” (released in September 1968) and first album “Post Card” (released in February 1969), Paul McCartney decided to write her a song for her next single. In February 1969, he recorded a demo of “Goodbye” for Mary to learn and for arranger Richard Hewson to write a score. On March 1 and 2, 1969, they were at Morgan Studios for the proper recording.

The March 1 session was filmed by Apple’s Tony Bramwell for a promotional clip. In the footage, Hopkin is seen miming the song, and there are shots of her and McCartney in the control room listening to a playback.

Mary’s “Goodbye” was issued simultaneously in 28 countries last weekend. In several of these territories a promotional film is being screened by local TV companies, showing Mary and Paul McCartney actually making the disc.

From New Musical Express, April 5, 1969
From New Musical Express, April 5, 1969


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