Mary Had A Little Lamb (Desert version)

Promotional film • For Wings • Directed by Nicholas Ferguson
Timeline This film has been released in 1972
Release date:
Dec 07, 2018
Filming date:
Jun 06, 1972 ?
Filming location:
BBC Television Centre, London, UK

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Mary Had a Little Lamb” was released in March 1972 as Wings’ second non-album single. Four promotional videos were made to support the release, all directed by Nicholas Ferguson (who had previously directed The Beatles’ Intertel promotional videos on November 23, 1965).

The four videos were supposedly filmed on June 6, 1972. However, from The Daily Beatle (

it should be noted that Denny Laine wears a beard in two of them (VERSION 2 ‘Desert’ and VERSION 3 ‘Barn’) and only mustache in the rest; and Henry McCullough likewise shows a prominent beard and sideburns in the ‘Desert’ and ‘Barn’ versions and a shorter beard in the others; It is possible that the four were not filmed on the same day (as described in the book that accompanies the Archive Collection and other authors), but two to three days apart, from June 6 to 8, 1972 (although this is not documented). All videos were made at BBC Television Theater in Shepherds Bush, London.

VersionBroadcast date
Version #1 – Countryside versionJune 24, 1972 – On “The Basil Brush Show“, UK
Version #2 – Desert versionNot commercially used to promote the single
Version #3 – Barn versionJune 29, 1972 – On “Top Of The Pops“, UK
Version #4 – Psychedelic versionOctober 12, 1972 – On “The Flip Wilson Show“, UK

The four videos were included in the “Red Rose Speedway – Archive Collection“, released in 2018.

The “Desert” version shows Wings performing in a desert setting, under a mock circus tent. Paul McCartney sports a red clown nose and the other band members are dressed in circus-like outfits.

A fragment of this promo video was shown for the first time within a sub-menu of the 2007 “The McCartney Years” DVD. It was released in its entirety and for the first time on the “Red Rose Speedway – Archive Collection” in 2018.

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