The Next Spring Then

Film • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Paul McCartney

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The Next Spring Then” is one of the experimental home movies created by Paul McCartney in 1966. Another one was “The Defeat Of The Dog.

When we had talked ourselves out, McCartney took me down to the basement and showed me some of his home movies, informally entitled “Till Next Spring Then” and “The Defeat of The Dog.” They were not like ordinary people’s home movies. There were over-exposures, double-exposures, blinding orange lights, quick cuts from professional wrestling to a crowded car park to a close-up of a television weather map. There were long still shots of a grey, cloudy sky and a wet, grey pavement, jumping Chinese ivory carvings, and affectionate slow-motion studies of his sheep-dog, Martha, and his cat. The accompanying music, on a record-player, and faultlessly synchronised, was by the Modern Jazz Quartet and Bach.

From Punch Magazine, November 1966

Last updated on November 18, 2023


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