Winedark Open Sea

Promotional film • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Jack McCoy
Timeline This film has been released in 2020
Release date:
Nov 11, 2020

Master release

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Winedark Open Sea

Officially appears on Off The Ground

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In 2020, a promo film for the 1993 song “Winedark Open Sea” (from the “Off The Ground” album) was released, to support the charity “Surfers For Climate“.

From Surfers For Climate:

In a remarkable collaboration legendary musician Paul McCartney and award winning surfing filmmaker Jack McCoy have created a new film clip to McCartney’s evocative homage to the ocean, Wine Dark Open Sea.  Featuring the hypnotic surfing of SFC co-founder, Belinda Baggs.  

I’m thrilled to support Surfers For Climate. Their work is something that really appeals to me as we all have a responsibility to do our bit and this is a great way to bring people together with a shared passion for the seas and oceans from all around the world for positive climate action,” says McCartney.

It’s an honour to again work with the most influential artist in the modern world and to have him support such a great cause to raise awareness on the importance of acting now in the fight against climate change. It is our duty to protect our environment and limit the impact we make as humans,” says McCoy.

McCoy says the video takes viewers on a journey and appeals for them to open up their hearts to the ocean.

I love the video that my friend and surf filmmaker, Jack McCoy has created for this. The striking footage of pro longboarder, Belinda Baggs and her dance on water is a powerful reminder of how incredible our oceans are and that they need our help to protect them and preserve their wonder for generations to come,” says McCartney.

Watch the world premiere exclusively on from November 11th, live from 7pm AEDT for a $5 donation that will go towards supporting the waves and two of our partner organisations, Surfrider Foundation Australia and Seed Mob.

About Surfers For Climate:

Surfers for Climate is an Australian based registered charity dedicated to turning the tide on climate change.

The movement started in October 2019, after surfing co-founders Johnny Abegg and Belinda Baggs attended a climate summit on Heron Island, Queensland. They were moved by what they learnt  about climate science, the impacts of climate change and how many viable solutions there are from Australia’s leading scientists and policy experts. Most importantly, though, they were struck by the  critical role the oceans play in our climate system. 

The discovery left them breathless, like gasping for air after a solid beatdown.

This was the catalyst for Johnny and Belinda to form Surfers for Climate.

From the conversation between Surfers For Climate co-founder Belinda Baggs and Jack McCoy, before the world premiere:

A while ago, I made this music video using a song by a band called The Fireman. And The Fireman was Paul McCartney and another guy. And it suits my underwater jetski. And when Paul saw it, he got in touch with me, and asked if I would be interesting in creating a music video for a new song he’s creating, called Blue Sway. [unaudible] We kept in touch for several years. For a couple of years, I’ve been buggling big time “please bring your concert to Australia, I wanna see your concert, come on”. Anyway they announced his concerts, it’s coming, I told I’m exciting, he said “don’t worry, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you”. And about a month and half, I go “hey, I have to go making something, I got to give him something for bringing the concerts out”. So I dived into my library and I remember the footage of that I shot of [Belinda Baggs], the first day I ever shot with my high-definition camera. […]

Paul and I, when we released Blue Sway, we did it with Surfriders Foundation. We wanted to do something to give back. And he was totally into it when I suggested it to him. And we did, we did public service announcement for them. And they released it and did some donation, money thing with it. Paul was 100% behind it. so when he said “what do you wanna do with this”, I said “what if we do another good cause with it”. And I said “do let me know when you are ready”. A year and a half went by, and I connected with this nephew who kind-of run his policy thing, Lee Eastman, who is also a surfer. I said “when will Paul be ready?”, he said “let me check”, he said “hey Paul is ready to do something”. Just there I found out [Belinda Baggs] were about to start Surfers For Climate, so I said “would you be willing to let us release Winedark Open Sea for Surfers For Climate?”. And that’s where we are today, we are just about to watch it and release it. […]

Jack McCoy

Last updated on December 30, 2020


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