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Press interview • Interview of Gabe Dixon
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Album This interview has been made to promote the Driving Rain Official album.

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Gabe Dixon: One time we were recording a song called “Washington” that didn’t actually appear on the album. He wrote it when he was on a train going from Washington to New York with Heather. Sort of a bouncy kind of, train kind of song….(snip)

Q: Anything else stand out that didn’t make the record?

Gabe Dixon: There were a few things. I think they didn’t make it onto the record because they weren’t exactly the style of the record. There were a couple of songs that had string sections on them that he had done the tracks for at Abbey Road before he came over to do this record and they were good songs but they were in a more crooning, sort of Nat King Cole vibe that wasn’t exactly appropriate for the record we were doing. There was one called “You Are Still Here” we worked on a bit but it didn’t quite have the same character as the other songs on this record. There was another one that was very Beatley called “I Will Always be There” and it didn’t make it, I’m not sure exactly why, but Paul didn’t want it on there. Very good song. Very similar to early Beatles. Like “You Won’t See Me”, like that era. Light-hearted … Very cool song, I wish it had made it on the record, but I trust Paul’s judgement.


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