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Interview Rusty Anderson / Abe Laboriel Jr. / Beatlefan

Press interview • Interview of Rusty Anderson
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Album This interview has been made to promote the Driving Rain Official album.

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Rusty Anderson: There’s actually one song that didn’t make the record. It’s called “Always Be There” and it was kind of my favorite song.

Q: Why didn’t it make it?

Rusty Anderson: I don’t know. But Paul said, “next record.”

Q: A ballad?

Rusty Anderson: No, it’s not. It’s almost like a Beatles track that was never released back then. Like ’64. I feel kind of weird saying that. I don’t wanna piss off Paul. But I said to him, ’cause I saw a list of the sequence of songs and I said, “Oh, ‘Always Be There’ is not going to be on it, huh?” and he goes, “Ah, next record we’ll put it on.” For some reason, I guess he thought it didn’t fit. But I thought that was a great track.

Q: You recorded 25 tracks, so 10 didn’t make it. Any that stand out to you?

Abe Laboriel: Yeah, there was a song called “If This Is Wrong”, it was a really beautiful ballad. The lyrics I’m remembering are “If this is wrong, then tell me what is right.” A really beautiful song that he had started back in England, just him playing piano and he had also played drums, it was kind of a rough recording…(snip). So it was an outstanding song I think there were a lot of similar songs that we had recorded, so they decided to save that one. (snip)… I look forward to that one coming out.


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