Interview for Melody Maker • Saturday, May 29, 1971

Playing for Paul

Press interview • Interview of David Spinozza
Published by:
Melody Maker
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Vicki Wickham
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Album This interview has been made to promote the Ram LP.

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DAVID SPINOZZA is 21 years old. He’s a session musician since he was 17. In an average week, without even trying, he can make $1,500 and a lot more if he does more sessions (the MU rate for musician here is $90 per three-hour session).

He’s rated as the top session guy, but not that, he’s rated as being the most original, exciting, imaginative and broadest guitarist in the business, alongside Hendrix, B.B. King, Clapton and every heavy you can think of. He can play anything, but whatever it is, it’s David Spinozza.

“Paul likes to double-track a lot of things. We both played acoustic on some tracks. and then tripled. Denny Seiwell was on drums, myself and Paul on guitars. Sometimes Paul played piano, but he never played bass while we were there. He overdubbed the bass. It was a little weird, ‘cos bass, drums and guitar would have been more comfortable, but that’s the way he works.

“It seemed weird for him to come to town and audition the heaviest musicians in the business. Cats had been in music for 15 years and played with just everyone and who as musicians, the Beatles just couldn’t stand next to as instrumentalists. You don’t have to audition these cats, they can play anything under the sun.”

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