Interview for Melody Maker • Saturday, January 29, 1972

Paul Adds a Wing

Press interview • Interview of Henry McCullough
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Melody Maker
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From January 17 to 28, 1972, Wings – composed of Paul and Linda McCartney, Denny Laine and Denny Seiwell – rehearsed in anticipation of future live performances and to start working on their second album.

On January 18, guitarist Henry McCullough was invited to the rehearsals.

On January 20, he joined the rehearsals again and Paul asked him to join the band. UK music magazines dated January 29 (Disc And Music Echo, New Musical Express, Melody Maker) covered the news.

I had a call, asking me to come down for a blow with the band and Paul asked me if I wanted to join after the rehearsal. All we have played so far has been rock and roll and I am a rock and roll guitarist. I will also be doing some vocals and hope to do some song writing.


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