Interview for Disc And Music Echo • Saturday, January 29, 1972

Henry Gets His Wings

Press interview • Interview of Henry McCullough

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From January 17 to 28, 1972, Wings – composed of Paul and Linda McCartney, Denny Laine and Denny Seiwell – rehearsed in anticipation of future live performances and to start working on their second album.

On January 18, guitarist Henry McCullough was invited to the rehearsals.

On January 20, he joined the rehearsals again and Paul asked him to join the band. UK music magazines dated January 29 (Disc And Music Echo, New Musical Express, Melody Maker) covered the news.

HENRY McCulloch [sic – McCullough], ex-Greaseband lead guitar, has joined Paul McCartney’s Wings and says the group is likely to make its first “live” performance within the next three weeks.

McCulloch is an additional and permanent member, joining drummer Denny Seiwell; Denny Laine, guitar, bass and vocals; Linda McCartney, keyboards and vocals, and husband, bass guitar and vocals.

McCulloch, who’d never previously met McCartney, received a phone invitation though roadie Ian Horne to rehearse with the band – just two weeks after the Greaseband split. Says McCulloch: “Ian called and asked me to go along to a rehearsal the next day. It was a wee room. The equipment was set up and Paul asked me to play and said that the rest of them would fit in.

McCartney was immediately impressed and invited him back the following day for another five-hour practice. They plan more intensive rehearsals before the “surprise” debut performance sometime in February.

Said McCulloch: “We got into some rock-n-roll, things like ‘Lucille’ and some reggae. I’ve only met him twice, but he seems full of energy and enthusiasm. He comes in and throws off his coat and gets right into it.

The things we were doing are a lot more controlled than with the Grease, but everything could change in the next few months. There is so much material. l can’t help having respect for Paul and what he’s written and what he’s achieved. But it’s just another band as far as I’m concerned and that’s the way Paul wants it. He’s talking about just arriving somewhere – it could be up North somewhere or even Broadway – throwing open the van doors and playing wherever it happens to be.

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