Interview for Disc And Music Echo • Saturday, April 25, 1970

Paul & Linda McCartney send a telegram to Disc & Music Echo

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On April 18, 1970, Disc & Music Echo magazine published an unflattering review of Paul McCartney’s debut solo album, “McCartney“, written by music journalist Penny Valentine:

I don’t know what he was thinking when he planned this album. Perhaps he is laughing at us all. That’s fine, but it’s a pretty cruel way of doing it… almost a betrayal of all the things we’ve come to expect.

Penny Valentine

Paul and Linda McCartney replied to Penny Valentine, by sending a telegram, which was published on the April 25, 1970, edition of Disc & Music Echo:

Peny Valentine C/O Disc 161/166 Fleet Str EC4

Dear Penny hold your hand out you silly girl I am not being cruel or laughing at you. I am merely enjoying myself. You are wrong about the McCartney album. It is an attempt at something slightly different, it is simple, it is good and even at this moment it is growing on you, love. – Paul and Linda McCartney.

From John F. Lyons sur Twitter : “In the 1970s, Lennon and McCartney often wrote letters to the British music press, responding to criticism. In April 1970, McCartney wrote to Disc and Music Echo after his new album was slammed by Penny Valentine. “Dear Penny hold your hand out you silly girl…”” / Twitter

In the same edition of Disc And Music Echo, Beatles Press Office Derek Taylor wrote an article, titled “This is why the Beatles left Paul!”.

From John F. Lyons sur Twitter : “In April 1970, Beatles press officer Derek Taylor wrote in Disc and Music Echo about the break up of the group. The Beatles became “a prison for four souls screaming for freedom.”” / Twitter

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