Paul and Linda meet John and Yoko in New York

January 29-31, 1972
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105 Bank Street, New York, USA

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The day after Wings’ rehearsals at the Scotch Of St. James club in London ended, on January 29, 1972, Paul and Linda McCartney flew to New York to meet John and Yoko Ono Lennon:

Saturday saw Paul and Linda fly to New York and accept an invitation to visit the Lennons at the apartment they were renting, at 105 Bank Street; the couple had now taken up permanent residence in Greenwich Village. Over dinner, John and Paul chatted amicably, amicably, if still a touch guardedly, and agreed to stop slagging each other off in public, whether in the press or in song. At the same time, it seems, the fact that Lennon was living in such a febrile countercultural environment, hanging with hirsute radicals and becoming increasingly politicized, rubbed off on McCartney.

From “Man On The Run” by Tom Doyle

On January 30, Paul was interviewed by KHJ Radio and reacted to the events happening in Ireland, what would be called the Bloody Sunday. He then started writing “Give Ireland Back To The Irish“, his first protest song.

As it happened, I was in New York that day, having met with John the day before. It was a meeting at which we more or less agreed to stop sniping at each other.

Paul McCartney – From “THE LYRICS: 1956 to the Present“, 2021

Paul and Linda flew back on January 31, and when in London, Paul organized a recording session for February 1, to record “Give Ireland Back To The Irish” with Wings.

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