Get Back sessions - January 16, 1969 - Day 10

Thursday, January 16, 1969 • For The Beatles

Part of

The "Get Back / Let It Be" sessions

January 1969 • Songs recorded during this session appear on Let It Be (Limited Edition)

Twickenham Film Studios, London, UK

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This was the tenth day of rehearsals at Twickenham Film Studios and the final one. On January 10, 1969, George Harrison had walked out from the “Get Back” sessions. On January 12, the four Beatles had met together, but George left early without agreeing to rejoin The Beatles. On January 15, they met again and George agreed to rejoin the band, by imposing his conditions: he would only return if the idea of a live performance was scrapped and if the rehearsals for the new album were moved from Twickenham studios to their basement studio at Apple. He did agree to continue being filmed making the album.

On this day, the set at Twickenham Film Studios was dismantled by Mal Evans, Kevin Harrington and Glyn Johns.

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Drugs, Divorce and a Slipping Image - The Complete, Unauthorized Story of The Beatles' 'Get Back' Sessions

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New, completely revised edition! This new volume isn t just a compilation of material from the 1994 book Drugs, Divorce and a Slipping Image (also later published as 'Get Back') and 'The 910's Guide To The Beatles Outtakes Part Two: The Complete Get Back Sessions' (2001). I've re-listened to the entire canon of available Get Back session tapes, come up with a bunch of new conclusions (and even a handful of new identifications!), and pretty much re-written half the book from scratch. In addition, great effort has been made to improve readability of the book. Songs have now been put into groups (generally by Nagra reel, or series of them), rather than describing each performance separately, as was done in the original. In every way, this is the book we wished we could have written in 1994.

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