The Paul McCartney Project

"McCartney II" sessions #3

October 1979 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the McCartney II Official album.
Timeline See what happened in 1979
Replica Studio, Soho Square, London

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Songs recorded


Summer's Day Song

Written by Paul McCartney

Recording • Overdubs of vocal and harmony vocal


Eddie Klein, in “McCartney II – Archive Collection” book:

[…] Paul decided that the instrumental called “Summer’s Day Song” should have some lyrics and so we added a vocal and harmony vocal at Replica Studio. Replica Studio was installed in the basement of MPL’s office [Paul’s London HQ], so called because it was a replica of Abbey Road’s Number 2 studio even down to a battery operated clock installed into an elarged photo of Number 2 studio as seen through the control room window. Although it was done for a different project it was available as and when required, and so was ideal to continue with further editing. This vocal recording was the only thing I did on the album, and Paul mixed it that same afternoon.

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