Mixing "Baby, You're A Rich Man"

Friday, October 22, 1971 • For The Beatles

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Magical Mystery Tour Plus Other Songs LP.
AIR Studios, London, UK

Songs recorded


Baby, You're A Rich Man

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Recording • Stereo mixing

Album Officially released on Magical Mystery Tour Plus Other Songs


Production staff

George Martin:


In September and October of 1971, George Martin undertook a project to remix several Beatles songs into stereo. On September 30, “Penny Lane” was mixed, followed by “Baby, You’re A Rich Man” on October 22, and “Strawberry Fields Forever” on October 26.

These newly-mixed stereo versions were initially released on the German pressing of “Magical Mystery Tour Plus Other Songs“. The stereo mix of “Penny Lane” was released on the UK version of the Blue album in 1973. The stereo mix of “Strawberry Fields Forever” was released in the UK on some reissues in 1976. The three stereo mixes were included in the CD releases from 1987 onwards.

On this day, October 22, George Martin worked on “Baby, You’re A Rich Man“. From beatlesebooks.com:

Since the song was only released in mono as a single, a stereo mix wasn’t made until October 22nd, 1971, by George Martin and Geoff Emerick at his AIR Studios in London. Certain differences are evident, most noteworthy being the presence of George Harrison’s guitar part which is not as prominent in the mono mix. The end of a vocalized “eleven” which is present at the very beginning of the mono mix (possibly someone attempting to identify what take it was) was faded out of this stereo mix. Also, there is an effect referred to by some as a “spin” that appears at strategic places in the verses of the song (such as after the lines “eye can see” and “enough to know”). These “spin” effects are missing in the stereo mix. This stereo mix is also nine seconds shorter than the mono mix. In the US, this stereo mix was first heard on the CD release of the album “Magical Mystery Tour.”

From The Usenet Guide to Beatles Recording Variations:

[b] stereo 22 Oct 1971 at AIR.
Germany: Hor Zu SHZE 327 (later Odeon and Apple 1C 062-04 449) Magical Mystery Tour 1971.
UK: Parlophone TC-PCS 3077 (cassette) Magical Mystery Tour 1976, Parlophone SGE 1 (EP) 1981.
CD: EMI CDP 7 48062 2 Magical Mystery Tour 1987.

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