Overdubs for "All Those Years Ago"

March / April 1981 ? • For George Harrison

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the All Those Years Ago / Writings On The Wall 7" Single.
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Friar Park Studio, Henley-on-Thames, UK

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During the recording of the “Tug Of War” album, Paul McCartney wanted George Harrison to add a guitar solo to the song “Wanderlust“. He, his wife Linda, George Martin (producer of the album) and Denny Laine went visiting George at his house, Friar Park, where he had located his personal studio (named FPSHOT – Friar Park Studio, Henley-On-Thames).

Before working on “Wanderlust“, George Harrison asked Paul to record some backing vocals for a track of his, in homage of the late John Lennon. Paul, Linda and Denny obliged.

But in the end, the guitar overdub for “Wanderlust” was never recorded.

This session day happened after Paul was back from Montserrat, and obviously before the release of “All Those Years Ago” as a single on May 22, 1981.

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From Club Sandwitch N°23, Winter 1981

Songs recorded




Paul McCartney:
Backing vocals
Linda McCartney:
Backing vocals
Denny Laine:
Backing vocals

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