Overdubs for "What's That You're Doing?"

March 1981 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Tug Of War Official album.
Strawberry Studios South, Dorking, Surrey

Master release

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When Stevie Wonder walked into my studio. I’d never met him before, and Paul introduced me and said.’This is Eric from 10cc. You might remember him from his song “I’m Not in Love”. Immediately Stevie said, ’Yes, I love the way you sing “Oh, no, no!” I recognise your voice now. Great to see you man!’ If anyone walked in the room, he clocked straight away who it was, from the sound of your voice. All his senses were multiplied because of his lack of vision. It’s incredible.

George Martin and Paul had wanted to come down to the studio to see what we had. So we recorded Stevie’s backing girls. Wonderlove, there. Having George Martin, Paul, Stevie Wonder and the backing singers in my studio, who were flown over specially … well, that was like being on cloud nine for me. The publicity around that, for the studio, was immense. Though it actually bounced back on us, because we couldn’t then get in our own studio, it was so booked up. We had the Moody Blues there and people would book it for six months at a time. We couldn’t get in the door of our own studio!

Eric Stewart, from Tug Of War Archive Collection, 2015
From Twitter – Paul and Stevie Wonder at Strawberry Studios South, 1981 #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #Lefthandersday

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