Recording "Live And Let Die" #1

Thursday, October 19, 1972 • For Paul McCartney & Wings

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Live And Let Die / I Lie Around 7" Single.
AIR Studios, London, UK

Songs recorded


What was the “Live And Let Die” session like?

Oh, it was awesome. We were up at George Martin’s studio, and we had probably a 40-piece orchestra and the Wings up there, live. We were in and out of there in such a short time; I seem to remember it was something like three takes with the orchestra, then they took Ray Cooper, Elton John’s percussionist, and he did his percussion overdubs. Then Paul and Linda and the gang went in and put some vocals on it and they mixed it and it was done within a day, if not three to six hours – the whole thing, beginning to end.

Was everyone walking around going, “The name’s Bond, James Bond” ?

Nah, there were no jokes. But everybody thought it was cool that we were doing something for James Bond. A couple of weeks before we were doing the actual recording. Paul told us they wanted him to write the theme to the next James Bond movie, and they sent him the book to read. And we were up at the house one day and he had just read the book the night before; he sat down at the piano and said, “James Bond, James Bond…” and then played dah-dah-dah, dah-dah-dah, da-duh, just screwing around at the piano. Within 10 minutes he had that song written. Just to watch him get in there and write the song was really something. I’ll remember it the rest of my life.

Denny Seiwell – Interview from Beatlefan, July-August 2001
From Billboard Magazine – December 2nd 1972 – From The Beatles In The News: Paul McCartney – Billboard Magazine December 2nd 1972
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