Recording "You Never Give Me Your Money"

Tuesday, July 1, 1969 • For The Beatles

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Abbey Road LP.
EMI Studios, Studio Two, Abbey Road

Songs recorded


You Never Give Me Your Money

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Recording • SI onto take 30


Musicians on "You Never Give Me Your Money"

Production staff

George Martin:
Phil McDonald:
Chris Blair:
Second Engineer


The last time the four Beatles had been in the recording studio together was on May 9, 1969. The session ended on a sour note when business topics were raised. John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr wanted Paul McCartney to sign a contract to officially appoint Allen Klein as Apple’s financial manager, and give him a 20% cut of their earnings. But Paul refused to do so, and the three other Beatles, and Allen Klein who was there as well, stormed out of the studio.

In the second half of June, once back from holidays in Corfu, Paul called George Martin to tell him The Beatles were ready to record again. George Martin then booked EMI Studios for July and August.

“Let It Be” was a miserable experience and I never thought that we would get back together again. So I was very surprised when Paul rang me up and said ‘We want to make another record. Will you produce it for us, really produce it?’ I said ‘Yes, if I am really allowed to produce it. If I have to go back and accept a lot of instructions which I don’t like I won’t do it.’ It was really good, even though the boys tended to do their own items, sometimes in different studios at the same time and I had to be dashing from one place to another.

George Martin  – From “The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions” by Mark Lewisohn

Paul persuaded me to come back and do another album really like I’d always wanted to make. Without being pretentious, I thought we were making a king of art form and I wanted them to think symphonically. I wanted them, when writing their songs to think in terms of first and second subjects, and symphony form and sonata form. In fact, it was a very happy time.

George Martin – From “Abbey Road” Super Deluxe edition book (2019)

But Paul was the only Beatle present on this day.

John Lennon was on holiday in Scotland and got involved in a car accident along with his wife Yoko, his son Julian, and Yoko’s daughter, Kyoko. He was hospitalised on this day and would stay at this hospital till July 6. He would rejoin The Beatles’ sessions on July 9, missing five days of work.

Paul, alone, continued the work on “You Never Give Me Your Money” started on May 6, by adding new lead vocals onto take 30, replacing his guide vocals. The session, which started at 3 pm, ended at 7:30 pm.

Work on “You Never Give Me Your Money” would continue on July 11.

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