The Paul McCartney Project

Red Rose Speedway sessions at Olympic Studios

March 1972 • For Paul McCartney & Wings

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Red Rose Speedway Official album.
Timeline See what happened in 1972
Morgan Studios, London
Olympic Sound Studios, London

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Songs recorded


Big Barn Bed

Written by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney


Album Officially appears on Red Rose Speedway (2018)



The Mess

Written by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney



Thank You Darling

Written by Paul McCartney




Written by Gerald H. Nelson, Fred B. Burch



From Wikipedia:

[…] Beginning on 19 March, sessions were held at Olympic Studios in London, after which recording continued sporadically throughout the year. Glyn Johns was invited to produce the Olympic sessions, but left after only a few weeks due to disagreements with McCartney. At the start of the sessions McCartney asked Johns to not think of him as Paul McCartney but rather just as “the bass player in the band” but then wasn’t receptive to Johns’ input. Johns was also unimpressed with the quality of the material, reading the newspaper in the control room while the band smoked marijuana and jammed aimlessly in the studio. […]

He and Paul didn’t hit it off at all. Paul always likes to be his own producer anyway, but at least if he’s going to bring one in they’ve got to be able to see Paul’s point of view.

Denny Laine, in Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney

One evening they (Seiwell and Laine – author’s note) said, “We’re not happy with you as a producer. You’re not taking any interest in what we are doing”. I said, “If you think that everything you do is a gem of marvelous music, you’re wrong. And if you want to sit and play shit and get stoned for a few hours […] don’t expect me to record everything you’re doing, because frankly it’s a waste of tape and it’s a waste of my energy.

Glyn Johns, in FAB, an Intimate Life of Paul McCartney

The day after I finished with The Eagles, I went straight in with Paul McCartney and Wings to cut the Red Rose Speedway album, which I quit in a puff of steam after a couple of weeks, and then went straight on to work with Ronnie Lane and Ronnie Wood on the soundtrack to the movie Mahoney’s Estate, with our friend, the actor and director Alexis Kanner.

Glyn Johns, in SOUND MAN, 2014

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