"Rubber Soul" Session #12

Monday, November 8, 1965 • For The Beatles

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Rubber Soul (UK Mono) LP.
EMI Studios, Studio Two, Abbey Road

Songs recorded


Beatle Speech

Recording • Take 1


Think For Yourself

Written by George Harrison

Recording • Take 1


Production staff

George Martin:
Norman Smith:
Ken Scott:
Second Engineer


0’46” – Paul McCartney: “Must be all right” (‘Think For Yourself’, 8 November 1965)

3’33” – George Harrison: “Chinga chinga ching, boom, boom, boom” (‘Think For Yourself’)

6’00” – Harrison: “It’s OK. We know. I think we know”; Lennon: “This might be it. We’ll just go…”; Harrison: “Chinga chinga ching, boom, boom, boom. The bit that John finally got just after that” (‘Think For Yourself’)

  • 6’15” – Lennon: “George’s tune, though” (‘Think For Yourself’)
  • 6’17” – McCartney: “Who-sus” (‘Think For Yourself’)
  • 6’18” – Lennon, McCartney and Harrison joking and ad-libbing; Lennon and McCartney pretending to be preachers (‘Think For Yourself’)
  • 6’55” – Lennon: “Okay, Paul, you ready, boy, this is it. All right, cut this tomfoolery out” (‘Think For Yourself’)
  • 7’02” – laughter (‘Think For Yourself’)

This line by Paul was included as a sample on “Plastic Beetle,” a track from Paul McCartney’s experimental album “Liverpool Sound Collage,” released in 2000.

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