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Hello Goodbye

Written by Lennon - McCartney

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Anthology 2

Official album • Released in 1996

3:18 • OuttakeC • An early incarnation of Paul's Hello, Goodbye, the master of which was issued as a single by the Beatles in November 1967 and was the Christmas number one - in Britain holding off composition from the Magical Mystery Tour double-EP set. This is Take 16 (a "reduction" of the best basic track, Take 14, from 2 October) with vocals and more guitars added on 19 October. From here the recording would be "bounced" three more times and given a number of further overdubs, so, although, there are similarities, there are also many differences between this take and the master.

George Martin :
Ken Scott :
Recording engineer

Session Recording:
Oct 02, 1967
Studio :
EMI Studios, Studio Two, Abbey Road

Session Recording:
Oct 19, 1967
Studio :
EMI Studios, Studio One, Abbey Road


The Complete John Barrett Tapes

Unofficial album • Released in 2014

3:20 • Outtake • Take 22 RS2

The Complete Roger Scott Tapes

Unofficial album • Released in 2015

5:06 • Outtake • take 1