All For Love

Written by Paul McCartneyGeorge HarrisonUnreleased song
Timeline This song has been written (or started being written) in 1995 (Paul McCartney was 53 years old)

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Song facts

All For Love” is a song rumoured to have been worked on by the three remaining Beatles – Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr – during the sessions for the Beatles Anthology project, in 1995.

For the two original songs released as part of the project – “Free As Bird” and “Real Love” – they took some John Lennon demos, to make sure it was indeed Beatles songs and not McCartney / Harrison / Starr songs. But “All For Love” is rumoured to have been written by Paul McCartney and George Harrison.


Peter Hodgson here from Liverpool. I write to clear up the mystery of “All For Love”

I visited Paul McCartney at his Recording Studio on 27th March 1995 Whilst Paul was showing me around his recording Studio he mentioned that Yoko & Sean had been there 2 weeks previously and that they had recorded a track ( Hiroshima Skies ). He also told me that the previous week, George and Ringo and himself had been working on a song, I then asked him what it was called. His answer was “All For Love.”

Now what happened was that a gentleman named Andy Davis ( Record Collector Magazine & Beatles Monthly ) had been phoning me on a number of occasions and I mentioned to him that Paul had mentioned “All For Love” during conversations that we had had. Paul definitely said “All For Love” when I asked him what the song was called that he, George & Ringo had been working on the previous week, 100% “All For Love” were his exact words. The article was in Beatles Monthly and was picked up by various other publications including Keith Badman’s book, the sessions for the song would have been March 20-21 1995.

My visit to Paul’s studio in East Sussex took place on 27th March 1995. Rip, I hope that it clears things up, the track was definitely worked on as I know that my ears were not deceiving me when Paul said “All For Love.”

Peter Hodgson

Peter Hodgson here again from Liverpool. I read with interest Mike Viscardi’s piece on “All For Love” which he reckons could have been the working title to “Real Love”, he made a very valid point as I have often wondered the very same thing. However, Real Love was “in the can” by the time I visited Paul in March 1995 and also of note, The song was already called Real Love on the 1988 movie soundtrack to the Imagine film, everybody also knows that it also had the title Girls & Boys. It has often crossed my mind that Paul has that many things going on inside his head, maybe he might have just unwittingly said All For Love to me, and not realised ? The Paul, George & Ringo reunion version of Real Love was recorded over the period of a week in February 1995, as soon as recording was completed Paul flew over to the USA to Sun Valley Idaho to record with Steve Miller ( Young Boy ). Paul actually told me that he had recently been recording with Steve. He had Yoko and Sean over to his own studio a couple of weeks later ( Hiroshima Skies ) and the week before I visited he had been recording “All For Love” with George & Ringo Would they have changed the title of an already titled song ???? I see Paul from time to time when he comes home to Liverpool, next time I’m going to ask !!!!

Peter Hodgson – from

Last updated on September 5, 2020

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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Edgar 2 years ago

An interesting song is “Anything”, a 22min, 10sec drum beat with tambourine and congas. I saw it on page 247 on Lewisohn’s Complete Beatles Chronicle. Never mixed.

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