As It Comes

Written by Fran Healy

Album This song officially appears on the Wreckorder Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 2010

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Song facts

From SongFacts:

Healy explained to Spin magazine how he ended up getting by with a little help from McCartney: “I wrote this song called As It Comes, and the refrain reminded me of The Beatles. I thought, ‘Why don’t I get in touch with him?’ I know Paul. We met in 2000 on holiday — we were staying in the same place. Anyway, I thought I should ask, because if I didn’t, I’d always wonder if he would have done it. So I sent it to him last July and he did it. People always ask him to sing on their albums, but I don’t think he’s ever played bass on anyone else’s album before.”

Healy explained on his blog at that as a way of thanking McCartney, he became a vegetarian. Said Healy: “One of the biggest coups was getting Paul McCartney to play bass on a song. I’m not sure what non McCartney songs he’s played bass on but I couldn’t think of many. Anyways his bassline is brilliant. (Healy’s wife) Nora and I were sitting and were thinking of a thank you present and I suggested going vegetarian. Our son is already one so it would mean we would all on the same boat. I met Paul at his show in Berlin and told him what we wanted to do. He was visibly flabbergasted. Three days later the Fed Ex man delivered three Linda McCartney cook books.”

From Whom The Bell Tells, August 3, 2010:

Finally, the newsroom were thrilled to hear this month that a friend of Paul has become the latest high-profile convert to vegetarianism. After Paul played bass on Travis frontman Fran Healy’s forthcoming solo album, Fran was so bowled over he repaid the favour in the best way possible and has become a vegetarian. Nice one Fran, it must have been after he sampled our catering when he came to the show in Berlin last December.

Stuart Bell

Last updated on October 11, 2020


We used to look at each other.
But now now we look at the past.
We used to go out for dinner
And feed the ducks in the park.
You say that i could be thinner,
I say retract that remark.
And I'm loving you each day as it comes.
I'll never let you be lonely,
As long as you're by my side.
You say you'd leave me if only.
Another tear in the eye.
Another funeral parlor, I'll have to get a new tie.
And I'm loving you each day as it comes.
Time has come.
Time has come again
And all i've done comes undone
Da Da Done
As I lie here beside you,
With jack frost in the air
You look like an angel
With that net in your hair
I kiss you so softly
But you're no longer there..
Now I'm taking every day as it comes
Da Da Da Da Dun
Da Da Dun

Officially appears on


Official album • Released in 2010

2:45 • Studio version

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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